Thursday, 19 September 2019

Something in the Water

Hi my name is makea and welcome to my animation about something in the water.

this is the rocky shore. A lot of sea creatures live on the rocky shore.

My sea creature is a crab. Crabs live on the rockie shore. Crabs like to eat mussells.

My crab found mussels so than he went and ate all of it.

A seagull is a predator to a crab.

thanks for watching bye.

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Friday, 9 August 2019

Show Not Tell

Show Not Tell

Tell sentence: It was a cold and rainy day.
Show sentence: there are lighting on the top of the clouds and rainy big drops coming down from the clouds so fast. the rain is dropping like ice and it will be hurting you there are tree moving side to side. like water the bridge and the rain is so cold because the wind and the water is falling on top.

Tell sentence: I went to the beach.
Show sentence: it is so nice to go to sleep on the ground will be nice and so hot like you are sleeping with corthebol blanket you can go with your family to
Sleep on the ground and look at the clouds and the clouds are moving around you but in the sky. You see little island on the water .

Tell sentence: Carol bought new shoes because hers broke.
Show sentence: the shoes has mud on the top of it the shoes it looks like there something soft under the shoes and shadows next to the shoes and it is a bit dark but you still can see the shadow next to it.

Friday, 26 July 2019

David Attenborough Documentary Coastal Seas

   Today we watched the Our Planet Documentary, narrated by David Attenborough called Coastal Seas. Here are some interesting facts we learnt: - 90 percent of marine creatures live in coastal water.  
 -  This is because the sea floor is in reach of the sunlight 
-The documentary we watched was filmed in the Everglades 
-National Park, in Florida USA.
-The lush meadows of the park support the marine life 
-The giant trevally and sting rag are extremely good hunters.
-Stingrays hunt for their prey that 
-Hide in the seagrass 
-There is a lot of food for The sea creatures and for humans in the 
-Coastal waters
-The bottlenose dolphin a special way of hunting shoals of mullet 
-They create a circle around the fish and flick up the mud which -
-Make The water murky the mullet then get confused and jump up 
-In the air making it easy for the dolphin to catch the mullet 
-Coral reefs make up less than 1%of all the marine species that live in The ocean.
-coral reefs are missing an important member of the community-
-Sharks numbers have been dramatically reduced due to Overfishing.

-Overfishing has reduced the shark population by 90%