Friday, 30 June 2017



1                                                                                                                                          jumping off  the hill and The boy  done a bomb with the man  But the man done a flip Over in the sea and he had a BMX bike and  god shake the words cause God  jump in the sea then the boy was god with a ice-cream then god done a flip bomb so it cool and  when he got back from the hill he had a cool bmx bike.

beeside  god  told boy to do a big flip  but he didn't  do a big flip but   when god done a big flip and god done a big flip and that is cool i That was the best What is the best flipping everywhere cause god is the best friend in the whole tire world cause we need to do a flip it was cool So Call can do it anywhere.

Powerfully god then a powerfully bomb then he fly up on the hill when he got on the hill boy got a free ice-cream from god and god is good to the words.