Wednesday, 1 July 2020


this is about protest the first one is the static image that i made on google draw the second one was about protest

Monday, 29 June 2020


bugha won the 2020 world cup you will get 3 mill witch is heaps
his crack at buliding 90s. 


matariki is a fun place to go with your family and have fun
you can do art so i wist you enjoy

black live matter

black lives matter so we people need to help
so must read i hope you enjoy

stand up

this is my story about stand up so i hope you enjoy

Friday, 19 June 2020

what is biosphere?

team 5 learned about biosphere this is about earth and animals earth is a
good place to stay in. so i hope you "enjoy"

Joseph Parker

Today we had an assembly and Joseph Parker was there so Joseph Parker is a fighter and he's cool Joseph Parker. is famous his one of the best boxer Joseph Parker sing a song but mostly he was playing the guitar. he first went to the gym and he saw this post that said don't wish for it work of it then he got used to to the gym. and he was so good at fighting he wins was twenty seven his game's were twenty nine he's one of the professional boxer 
 Joseph Parker looks so different from the games he had played. Pt England school saw him in real life for the first time some kids already saw him in real life but to those who hadn't then that was a surprise.