Wednesday, 3 July 2019

Table Discussion

              What I like Most About New Zealand-My Family What I like Most About New Zealand is My Family because I am so lucky that we get to have a family in New Zealand and that is so cool because we get to play with them. Me and my family can go somewhere that is going to be fun together like mega zone because mega zone is like laser tag and rainbows end this is my Favorited place to go with my Family around the world. Me and my Family will have fun if we go there so that is why i like about New Zealand is to have a Family in New Zealand. If you get a Family like me you will be so lucky and you will to places that it will be so fun like what I did with my Family going to mega zone and rainbows end. If my Family goes places that is cool i can go with them but I have to talk to my mum I would only go with my mum i have to talk to that where are we going to if it a fun place i would go with her so that we can have so much fun together.                        


Thursday, 27 June 2019

Term 2 animation - I like your Latitude

My animation is about I like your latitude. It is about finding directions around the school.